Upgrade from iTalc to Veyon 4.1.7, screen refresh it's just unusable now

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    Hi, I did use iTalc last year with a tremendous success, demo mode was awesome and all did work like a charm. This school year I will like to move on and use Veyon. I did download 4.1.7 versión, uninstall iTalc and install Veyon. All computers did connects from first try BUT the demo mode now it's unusable. Screen refresh it's to very slow, the same machines that did work perfect in 1280x720 last year this year can't refresh properly even at 800x600. A sequence in the master to open an apllication takes one minute or two to display in clients and getting worse second to second.

    I try all the options in teh configurator, the student machines have windows 7 32 bit, master windows 10 64 with 8 gb ram, all key authentification. All are the same machines that last year, today I did test iTalc and they did work ok and then upgrade to veyon and fail.

    Any idea? It's important to me, if I have not found a solution need to uninstall Veyond and go back to italc.

  • Hi @Tarloth
    first of all welcome to Veyon! We rewrote most parts of the demo mode which mostly performs very well. However in some cases there seem to be bottlenecks or non-suitable settings. How many computers are you broadcasting a demo to? Can you check the utilized network bandwidth on the master computer while a demo is running?
    Best regards

  • One more question: what update interval have you configured for Veyon Master? Veyon (in contrast to iTALC) currently continues to receive screen updates from clients even during a demo which might cause additional network traffic. You can try to use a higher value (such as 5000 ms) for testing.

  • Hi Tobias:

    Thanks for your answer. I use 12 computers and the bandwidth not exceed 5Mb in the worst case, all processors in the master runs below 1%. Changing the screen update not affect the behavior. Unfortunately I need to downgrade to iTalc, veyon it's unusable for me.
    Edit: I install iTalc again and works ok. If I change parameters can't reply de Veyon behavior but if I choose iTalk demo internal server everything work slowest. Maybe this can help you to detect the problem.