• Hi,

    I would like to ask for some on a issue that i have...

    I have a small classroom which consists of 6 student laptops and 1 teacher (Master). All the laptops are connected through Wifi on a Ubiquiti AP, and when the teacher uses the "Presentation Mode" to mirror something on the students laptop the latency is too high and takes time to refresh and show the content on the students laptop.

    The content that are being shown is mostly images, so its not something big that could use alot of bandwidth...
    I tried also connecting all the laptops through cable and see if its the Wifi fault but still the issue persists.

    I searched also on the forums and someone was saying to reduce the interval time on the "Configurator" but no success.

    So i would like to ask, is there a solution to that or is there maybe network requirements or equipment that can speed up the "Presentation Mode" ?

    Thank you and best regards,