• Good morning everybody,
    I use Veyon 4.5.2 on an ubuntu 18.04.03 LTS school lab. I face this issue: panel only shows if PC is up or down (gray, yellow).

    If I try to telnet both localhost or remote PCs port 11100 I get "connection refused".

    I enabled debug log, but both teacher and student site nothing is logged at all.
    If I netstat, I can't find veyon listening on any port: it seems died, even if systemctl claims it's alive.

    I can see SYN packets leaving the teacher side, but it never gets answers.

    The lab was working, then at a certain moment all PCs stopped working together.
    Software updates are administratively disabled.
    I use local users and keypair authentication; keys are fine.

    Thanks for help!

  • Hello Davide,

    I just wanted to chime in here. I have the same problem using 20.04. I was installed using the PPA, but I installed the deb package for 4.5.3 to see if it was working. I got the same results with the new package.

    On the teacher or master side, I see

    2021-02-27T18:26:47.768: [DEBUG] VncConnection::rfbClientLogDebug(): 0x7f25c1ffb700 ConnectClientToTcpAddr6: connect
    2021-02-27T18:26:47.768: [DEBUG] VncConnection::rfbClientLogDebug(): 0x7f25c1ffb700 Unable to connect to VNC server

    The student devices just say that the vnc server was started on 11100. No idea what is going on...