• Good morning everybody,
    I use Veyon 4.5.2 on an ubuntu 18.04.03 LTS school lab. I face this issue: panel only shows if PC is up or down (gray, yellow).

    If I try to telnet both localhost or remote PCs port 11100 I get "connection refused".

    I enabled debug log, but both teacher and student site nothing is logged at all.
    If I netstat, I can't find veyon listening on any port: it seems died, even if systemctl claims it's alive.

    I can see SYN packets leaving the teacher side, but it never gets answers.

    The lab was working, then at a certain moment all PCs stopped working together.
    Software updates are administratively disabled.
    I use local users and keypair authentication; keys are fine.

    Thanks for help!

  • Hello Davide,

    I just wanted to chime in here. I have the same problem using 20.04. I was installed using the PPA, but I installed the deb package for 4.5.3 to see if it was working. I got the same results with the new package.

    On the teacher or master side, I see

    2021-02-27T18:26:47.768: [DEBUG] VncConnection::rfbClientLogDebug(): 0x7f25c1ffb700 ConnectClientToTcpAddr6: connect
    2021-02-27T18:26:47.768: [DEBUG] VncConnection::rfbClientLogDebug(): 0x7f25c1ffb700 Unable to connect to VNC server

    The student devices just say that the vnc server was started on 11100. No idea what is going on...

  • @davidemorellato There are two components involved: Veyon Service (which you can control and observe via systemctl) and Veyon Server. The Veyon Service is responsible for starting Veyon Server instances for user sessions (if multi session mode is enabled, one instance for each session is started, otherwise only for instance for the most-recently opened session is started and previous instances are stopped). So what seems to happen in your case is that either the Veyon Server instances are not started at all for some reason or crash during startup or normal operation.

    For further troubleshooting, first please update to the latest version available in our PPA (4.5.3-2) which contains additional fixes regarding session management. If it does not help, set the log level in Veyon Configurator to Debug, reboot, login and paste the output of /tmp/VeyonServ*.log here so we can examine it in detail.