veyon-cli.exe networkobjects import bug?

  • This is driving me crazy.
    I export all locations and computers:

    veyon-cli.exe networkobjects export veyon-objects.csv format "%type%;%name%;%host%;%location%"

    I get a CSV that looks like this including line breaks.

    Location;Room 01;;
    Computer;Template;;Room 01
    Computer;05 Lab;;Room 01
    Computer;06 Lab;;Room 01
    Computer;07 Lab;;Room 01
    Computer;08 Lab;;Room 01
    Computer;09 Lab;;Room 01
    Computer;10 Lab;;Room 01

    If I import this file again everything is fine.

    veyon-cli.exe networkobjects clear
    veyon-cli.exe networkobjects import veyon-objects.csv format "%type%;%name%;%host%;%location%"

    It imports all rooms and computers.

    If however, I take a different CSV file I made myself sticking to the format and try and import it

    Location;;Room 02;
    Computer;Room 02;Template;
    Computer;Room 02;05 Lab;
    Computer;Room 02;06 Lab;
    Computer;Room 02;07 Lab;
    Computer;Room 02;08 Lab;
    Computer;Room 02;09 Lab;
    Computer;Room 02;10 Lab;

    It will import the room and the very last computer but nothing else. In fact if I have multiple rooms in the file it will only import the very last room and the very last computer in that room.

    Found this on the forum but it's old and no one answered: veyon-ctl networkobjects import bug ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi..

    Using the newest one, my import looks like;

    set curpath=%~dp0
    set curpath=%curpath:~0,-1%
    set cli="%ProgramW6432%\Veyon\veyon-cli.exe"
    set loc="Art & Design 07"
    %cli% networkobjects remove %loc%
    %cli% networkobjects import "%curpath%\Art & Design 07.csv" location %loc% format "%%name%%,%%host%%,%%mac%%"

    The CSV looks like:


    Is that any use?

  • The line ending issue has been fixed in 4.4.1 (no more duplicate line endings + proper CRLF line endings on Windows). Thank you for sharing your findings here!