veyon-ctl networkobjects import bug ?

  • Hi,

    Working now with veyon- and Windows 10
    It seems import room/computers config from csv files doesn't work
    First :
    If I export my networkobject conf with export command, clear the conf, and then use import command (exactly the same as export command, just replacing export with import), I receive an Error message, and conf stays empty.
    (the %type% parameter is the cause, apparently : if I remove it from import command, and remove type fields in the csv file, no more error message).

    But even, when I remove the %type% parameter (and fields), and get "OK", the import is bad :
    It seems new lines are not detected : I get only one PC "imported", which name contains the whole file (including separators, but without new lines), excepting the last three fields. These last three fields of the file become missing parameters for the PC.

    More clearly , if my file is :


    (room created before with networkobjects add room)
    and I import it with this parameter :

    format "%name%;%host%;%mac%;%room%"

    It "works" (OK message), but I have only one PC in Veyon, which name is :


    The three last fields are used as %host%, %mac% and %room% for this PC

    I tried a lot of things (change caracter encoding from utf8 to others, try with the same file created under linux console, add \n or \r\n at the end of each line...). I always had the same issue.

    Do I miss something ?