Clients of demo can't connect to master (another)

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem with lyc-appert-44 but no solution for me.
    i have no access rules whose block.
    I can acces the client with the veyon master and take control of them.
    All is working except the demo mode;

    If i understand what i read in documentation and forum, veyon master should listen on port 11400 for the demo mode working.

    But the only ports whose are listening on veyon master are :
    11100 and 11300.

    The port 11400 is missing for listening so it should be the error.
    I am on the same lan and no firewall and access rules are right.

    Can you tell me why the port 11400 is'nt listening on the veyon master ?

    Or i missed something.


    Re: Clients of demo can't connect to master

  • I forgot to say that the port 11200 is'nt listening because i use the external server vnc.
    I tested with veyon 4.2.5 and 4.3.0.
    I will test with veyon 4.2.1 to see if its a bug in newer versions ?

  • same with veyon 4.2.1.
    ;( keep searching in background.

  • I tested with a sniffer and the client send a packet to port 11400 on the master 😉
    But when i check on the ports listening on the master, i found only ports 11100 and 11300.

    Port 11400 is missing but he is well declared on veyon configurator.

    So my question is : why is veyon not listening on port 11400 ??

    Some can help me ?

  • OK, that was a problem with my comprehension of veyon.
    The port 11400 is listening on master only when you start demo mode.

    So i found my error, it was in access control on the master. The user i which i was tested was not authorized.
    I wa able to supervise the clients but only the demo mode was bugging because of access control.

    Thanks to lyc_appert for his help 😉