• Hello.
    Veyon 4.3 and Server 2016.
    My ad is :
    Building A
    --Room A113
    -----Computer 1
    -----Computer 2
    ----- ...
    --Room A117
    -----Computer 1
    -----Computer 2
    ----- ...
    Building B
    --Room B1.....
    --Room B2.....
    All tests are OK except "list all computer's group"
    When i launched veyon-master, my computer is in room A117, i see all computer located in buildingA....
    Sometimes, i see only my room, wich is perfect.

    I have tried with veyon 4.1 4.2 and 4.3 > same behaviour.

    I have successfully installed Veyon in 2 others locations, works fine with the same settings.

    Any ideas?
    01.jpg 02.jpg