Student/Staff access to Configurator

  • Howdy!

    New Veyon user here! We're a school environment, and are getting ready to roll out Veyon to our new Windows labs in the next few days. Things are going well so far!

    However, I'm puzzled: is there a way to limit access to Configurator on "client" machines? Certainly it's not desireable for students (or, perhaps even non-IT staff) to be able to get in and see and/or change Veyon settings for individual machines!

    This comes to mind because I'm seeing "Veyon Configurator" added to the top of the Windows 10 start menu under "recently added" when installing...


    Thank you!
    Mike Pullen
    Baraboo, WI

  • I'm realizing now that running Configurator does require admin privileges, so that takes care of the "students" concern.

    I've added a step to the Veyon "Client" deployment workflow (I'm using PDQDeploy) to erase the Veyon Start Menu and folder:

    IF EXIST "%PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Veyon" (rd /s "%PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Veyon")

    Hmm-- is it possible for the installer to be passed a parameter to skip creating shortcuts to Configurator in the Start Menu?

    Thank you!

  • Hi @mikep345678
    thanks for your feedback and useful suggestion! I just added a new parameter "/NoStartMenuFolder" to the installer so starting from Veyon 4.1.2 (likely to be released this week) you can pass this parameter to the Veyon installer in your deployment software.
    Best regards