Can't reach the Master PC via Remote Desktop

  • Since I installed Veyon master on my computer, after a few remote desktop connection I can't reach it (from my home or another PC on the school). I can see nothing but black screen. I tried to turn off veyon services, but it wasn't help.
    When It's happen and I try to log on my computer (not remote desktop), it asks for login name and password, trying to logon, but a few seconds later asks for the login name and password again. After this (login twice) I can reach my PC via remote desktop and console some cases, but after 3-4 remote desktop logon there is a black screen again and starts the problem again.

  • Hi!

    We have the same Problem on our Master - in our case, it's Server2016. When the problem happens, we usually restart the server to solve it. But since it is a server, this shoudn't be the solution.

    Would be nice to know if it's a more common problem and especially if there ist a good way to solve it.

  • @Badbug Yes, restarting the Master machine solve the problem (for a while), but I don't want to restart my Master PC every day, because it's like a server machine in our network