Bug report : demo mode not working with access control with veyon 4.3.0

  • Hello,
    As I understand, when I use access control to block access to the master from a remote computer outside the room, the master computer inside the room should be able to access to all clients computers inside the room. But in my configuration, if the master refuses the access to remote master computers outside of the room when the popup appears, everything works well besides the demo mode (full demo and window demo)
    My masters and clients are using windows7, Veyon 4.3.0. When I try to launch demo from server to clients, connexion is pending (black screen and "Establishing connexion to..." message), but never starts.
    I never saw it in 4.2.0 to 4.2.5, but I can not assure if I tested it because of other issues on our side. (I can not go back to test...)
    Please find here screens of configuration, and access rule.
    2019-10-29 15_06_02-Console de gestion Veyon 4.3.0.png
    Everything works fine since 4.2.1 and also 4.3.0 when the master authorize access from a remote master outside of the room.
    2019-10-29 15_01_01-Console de gestion Veyon 4.3.0.png 2019-10-29 15_01_42-Éditer une règle de contrôle d'accès.png

    Is there any similar issue with ldap rule configuration?

    Thank you for your help.