Veyon win10 : issue with user's auth

  • Hi,

    I tried to update veyon from to with exactly the same configuration configuration files imported with veyon-cli).
    Users (for veyon master) are authorized from AD. It works fine with former version, but no more with the latest one.
    Nothing else but veyon version changes in my tests.
    I guess something changed in the way veyon connects to an Active Directory (windows). But what ?...

    Maybe you could give me some hint to get it working back.



  • Do all LDAP integration tests work properly with the new version? Do you have access control rules configured? Are you using AD groups for authorization?

  • Hi,

    If you're talking about tests in veyon-configurator : no, they don't.
    But the conf is exactly the same as in previous version (I used the same file, imported with veyon-cli).
    That's why I asked about what could have changed in veyon's way to interact with Active Directory between the two versions.