Unable to access machines - Windows Home - no AD or LDAP

  • We are a coder dojo for kids with a classroom. There are 15 "Windows 10 Home Edition" machines in a Windows Workgroup network. We don't have Active Directory or LDAP. We have set up keys, and distributed/imported public keys to all computers. On Role for keys it says: "Builtin\Users". Location & Computers are set up manually. All computer names, IP's and MAC's are checked with correct values.

    The message we get when hovering a computer in monitoring view is this:
    "Authentication failed or access denied."

    How can we resolve this without setting up AD or LDAP?

  • As indicated correctly you don't need AD or LDAP for Veyon to work. Using key files is the right solution here. Is the private key file readable by the user of the Veyon Master application? Maybe https://docs.veyon.io/en/latest/admin/troubleshooting.html#authentication-settings contains some additional hints for you. Are the key pair IDs identical on all computers?