• Hi guys,

    finally I found out why the master could not connect to one client. After the master got the message that the service on the client is not reachable I changed from KeyFileAuthto UserAuth. After that I got a message on the client, that the user Domain\Fuba cannot be authenticated. So I know that the service is running and theres a problem with the keyfile 😉 Finally I found out, that the Pair ID on the Master and that client are not the same. On the other clients the Pair ID is the same. I tried to reinstall the client but no changes.

    Thanks for helping

  • Hi @M4ster
    if the keypair ID is not identical you should remove the keys on the affected client and import them again (after exporting them (usually only the public key) from the master).

  • Thanks for your response. I did this multiple times, but its still not working.

  • That's strange. Can you try to import the public key with a different name on a client where the problem does not exist?

  • Hi Toby. I allready tried this. On the clients where the problem does not exist, everything is fine. If i import the key a second time, it got the same ID. Its very weird 🙂

  • Hi toby,

    after installing the 4.1.2 the problem is still there 😕 Any ideas?

  • I discovered the same inexplicable behaviour:

    I have 3 Computers, all are running Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa (64-bit), all up to date (Veyon 4.1.6 on all machines). Created Key on Computer 1, moved public key to Computer 2 and added it to Veyon Configurator. Imported key has the same Pair ID as on computer 1.

    On Computer 3 however, the same public key file results in a different pair ID. Also I can't connect to this machine with Veyon Master. When using Name/Password for Login, everything works fine.

    MD5sum for public key file is the same on all 3 machines. Already created new key-pairs but it didn't help, Computer 3 always creates a completely different Pair ID for the given public key than Computer 1 and 2.

    Right now, I'm just running a test environment for the software but would love to at least understand this bug until I have to switch to "production mode" in the summer.

    Some help would be really great! 🙂

  • Not sure it is the same problem as the one I reported, but try to use IP address instead of computer name. I was able to fix all my connexion problems, even if I do not like depending on fixed ip addesses