veyon + tigervnc-scraping-server (as external vnc server)

  • Hallo,
    i'm testing veyon + tigervnc-scraping-server (as external vnc server).
    It works great. This combination has improved so much the connection speed from veyon master to client (running tigervnc-scraping-server).
    The only think i would like to fix but i can't is that the windows displayed on master is mouse-cursor missing.
    Someone could help me?
    I'm running xubuntu 18.04 and veyon 4.2.5

  • An improvement to local mouse cursor handling will be included in Veyon 4.3.1.

  • @clash Hi,
    I do experience the same issue with the standard VNC with windows 7 64bits since veyon 4.2.4 and now 4.3.0.

    Thank you