• Hello!

    Our organization use multi-user system «ASTER» (Multiseat Software).
    3 workplace connected to one system unit (3 different network addresses and 3 different users).
    Is it possible to view each workplace (3 different users)?
    In version 4.1.1, only one user is viewed 😞

  • Hello @qwyrj

    sorry for the late reply! I don't know ASTER but depending on how it works there are chances to get Veyon work as well. First you could try to disable the Veyon Service and run the Veyon Server (veyon-server.exe) manually in each session via autostart. If every IP address is specific to each session the Server should listen on the respective IP address automatically. Otherwise try to set the VEYON_SESSION_ID variable to make the Veyon Server instances listen on different ports - see https://docs.veyon.io/en/4.1/admin/reference.html#environment-variables for details.

    Best regards


  • Hello @tobydox

    thanks for the answer! I read this manual, but I have a trouble.
    Is it possible to give an example of an autorun file for a windows system?
    veyon-service will need to be disabled from startup (in services)?

  • Unfortunately I don't have an example for you. Disabling the Veyon Service however is the right step, you can even unregister it completely by running "veyon-ctl service unregister".