• I am able to install and run iTalc very easily using "key authentication". When I uninstall is and install the latest version of Veyon and setup the same basic way I cannot get the student computers to come up. I am not exactly sure what the difference is between the two setups that is giving me trouble.

  • Did you make new keys for Veyon?

  • Yes. Originally I tried Veyon and could not get it to work at all. Then after some searching I discovered Veyon used to be iTalc. So I installed version 3 of iTalc and it ran and I could see the student computers. It does have a few issues related to stability. I would really like to get Veyon running because it is more up to date and I am sure more stable. As a side note I always cleared out the keys before trying the other software. I just have not been successful getting Veyon up and running correctly.

  • Hello @gsgraber92
    I'm sure you'll get Veyon running like you did with iTALC 😉 Did you export the public key on the master computer and imported it on a student computer? Is the same key pair ID shown on both computers in the key table? Did you assign an access group to the private key on the master computer? Have you configured authentication mechanism to be "key file authentication" on both master and student computers?

  • @tobydox I can't find student client in the veyon master, The key pair ID of student client is different from that of the veyon master. why?My veyon master running on win10,the student client running on debian linux. I'm sure that the public key imported into the client is exported from the veyon master. Help me please.

  • Hi,
    It is possible that the italk service in not uninstalled (conflict with veyon service) or another old vnc still running.