Is there a way of stopping Veyon from being un-installed without elevated privileges?

  • We are new to Veyon and will be trying it out for our IT classes. Logging on the PC as a student, the access to perform an un-install is readily available. Knowing some of our students, this will be their on-going amusement!

  • Both installer and uninstaller always will require administrative privileges in order to perform their tasks. So even if students are somehow able to start the uninstaller, it won't be able to perform any tasks. Otherwise something with the installation is messed up or your users do have some kind of administrative privileges. Which operating system and version are you running?

  • @tobydox Ok. Thanks. I was told the program ran. But now on checking, it would appear that the install is still intact. Would this be the same for the Master Configurator on teacher's desktop?