Some clients computers don't automatically start veyon service

  • Can you please try the intermediate release at ? It contains a few service-related fixes + additional logging which might help to spot the issue.

  • Today the service didn't automatically start on 5 computers of 30. The computers seems to be often the same. I've installed the release on these computers and tomorrow will see the effects.

  • Unfortunately the situation is the same with the intermediate release. However is always more clear that the issue regards almost always same computers, others seem to be not affected by this issue.

  • Thank you very much for testing and reporting back! Do you have any Antivirus or Antimalware software installed? Can you try to disable it temporarily, especially Windows SmartScreen & friends? Could you also try to set the log level to "Debug" in Veyon Configurator on an affected computer, clear the log files and attach C:\Windows\Temp\VeyonService.log and C:\Windows\Temp\VeyonServer.log once the issue occurred again?

  • You must not thank me, it's a pleasure to be useful to you 🙂
    In this lab there are 30 PCs with 1 master and they automatically turn on. There are no Antimalware installed but only Microsoft Security Essential. The OS of all computers is Win 7 64bit. Today 6 of them turned on without the veyon service started. In 4 of them the release installed is in the other 2 4.3.2. I set the log level to "Debug", clear the log files and restart this 6 PC; in 2 of them the Veyon Service didn't start after rebooting. You can download their logs from here.
    Hope this can help you.

  • You could try setting the service to delayed start. It might be that some computers are slower and maybe haven't started the network properly by the time veyon starts.

    If you can get on quickly enough can you resolve the name and IP address of the veyon server at startup?

  • I think you hit the mark, thank you!
    I set the service to delayed start to all pcs that seem affected by the issue and now, after few minutes, the service starts correctly! Apparently these computers (7) are slower then others (23). By the way all computers are rather old (8-9 years old...).

  • BTW in 4.3.3 we added additional dependencies for the Veyon Service so it won't start until basic networking drivers and service are started. This might fix your issue too.

  • I'll install it instead of 4.3.2 on computers with delayed start set next thursday and will report how it works

  • I'm sorry, no good news: