Fullscreen demo and Window demo resolution scaling issues

  • Hi there,
    We have an issue when using Veyon master 4.2.4 with the demo functionality.
    (Clients are also on 4.2.4)
    When we try and broadcast a demo to our clients the clients only receive a very small portion of the window.veyon1.PNG

    3/4 of the screen is black while the last quarter displays the window of the application we want to show.
    The same results occur with fullscreen and window demo
    Changing the Veyon master resolution changes the amount viewable in that last quarter area.
    Has anybody else experienced this?
    The Veyon master is running at 1680 x 1050

    ** UPDATE **

    If i turn off enable multi monitor support for the Veyon master i now get full screen and window demo working correctly, it would be nice if we could choose which display on a multi monitor Veyon master would be the broadcast display (with multi monitor support enabled display number 2 is used, but has scaling issues, if multi monitor support is disabled display 3 is used and seems to be working correctly for the client, the only issue i see here is by default any clients I connect to will also use display 3 resulting in a demo window full of duplicated window type effect)