Authentication Failed or access denied

  • I'm trying to configure veyon in Linux Mint 19.1. I've installed .deb archive. in Master computer I generate the keys and export public key, copy to an drive. In client computer I open configuration of veyon and import the key, and start service.

    In master computer I create the room and add the computer.
    In the main window I see the computer but it shows the information that "Authentication Failed or access denied".

    Can anyone help me please?

  • Hi @DiegoAraujo
    can you please check the permissions of the key files in /etc/veyon/... ? Is the private key readable by the user running Veyon Master? Is the public key readable by anyone? Have you changed the authentication mechanism to "Key file authentication" on both master and client computer(s)?

  • Regards, I have exactly the same problem,
    There is no way for user authentication to work. I always get the error message. I want to use this authentication method without generating Keys. I am using Linux Mint 19.