• Hello,

    It's been a while since I'm using Veyon in a training room containing more or less 10 PCs.

    Recently, during the debugging of 2 of the PCs, the following message appears at the bottom right of the screen from the Veyon icon:

    Additional Information: The training user (IP: :: ffff: tries to access this computer but fails to authenticate.

    This message may not be exactly the same as the original because of the translation

    The PCs are under Windows 7.
    They are up to date.
    All well in networks.
    And no noticeable change was made on the 2 pc non-functional.

    All other pc are visible on the Master Veyon post except the 2 pc which I just spoke.

    And I have one more question. Sometimes some PC present in the room managed by veyon turns on itself. Can this be due to a Veyon setting?

  • Can you please update to Veyon 4.2.3? It may contain bug fixes related to your issue. Are you using access control or LDAP/AD integration?