Veyon using Zero Clients on Windows 10 with rdpwrap

  • Greetings.
    My school has 15 VcloudPoint Zero Clients with one PC.
    Is it possible to run Veyon if I'm using Windows 10 with rdpwrap to connect to my zero clients?

  • As of Veyon 4.2.3 multiple RDP sessions are supported and will make Veyon Server instances listen at ports 11101, 11102 etc. Any feedback is welcome!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @tobydox Sorry for not replying for so long. I had a vacation.

    So, I installed Veyon 4.2.4 on my school PC. And is still doesn't work for me.

    I tried both authentication methods "Logon authentication" and "Key file authentication". Also I enabled Multi session mode in Veyon Configurator. All my zero clients have static ip address. Also i enabled sharing files on windows.

    My clients in Veyon Master are red, so i presume Veyon see them, but couldn't connect. I tried adding my computer's ip address to Location & Computers and it's working in Veyon Master!

    Maybe I'm missing something? Here's link to veyon logs and screenshots of Configurator.