• Hi Veyon Community,

    I have been testing Veyon for a few months now and today we have rolled it out throughout our site.

    My questions are:

    • Is there a way for users to have to provide a system-wide password to access the Master? Software like Impero allows this and would further assist when it comes to locking down the Master Console. E.g. the systems used the Key File Authentication but when they open the Veyon Master, they are asked for a separate password which is used on all machines. If not, can you use the user authentication to log in to the Master but the Key File to authenticate between devices?

    • Will/When Veyon be available for Mac?

    A little tip! We were having some trouble using host names to connect to machines. We cannot use static IPs due to the nature of our business. We were getting the red screen on a couple of machines which we troubleshoot back to Network Discovery not being enabled. If you get the red screen, make sure Network Discovery is on!

    Thanks in advnace for everyone's help on this.