Setting Authorized User Groups using veyon-cli

  • I've been trying to add a second group to the authorized users using the CLI. I haven't fathomed the syntax.

    If I set the access group using the configurator to, say, Administrators and HomeUsers I can then read the configuration with

    veyon-cli config get AccessControl/AuthourizedUserGroups

    which returns


    If I then set the authorized user groups to just Administrators using the configurator, restart the Veyon service, then use

    veyon-cli config set AccessControl/AuthourizedUserGroups ("Administrators","HomeUsers")

    the list of authorized user groups in the configurator is now empty.

    I can set just a singe group with the CLI - how can I set two or more groups?

  • It seems that this is a limitation in 4.2.2 and will be fixed in 4.2.3. see this post on GitHub