• Hi
    I've started using Veyon yesterday and first of all I want to thank the founder and all contributers because this program is really amazing.

    In my classroom, I have 10 computers and my own computer. On my computer I run the Veyon Master and so far I've been able to get six of the ten computers up and running. The other 4 run via a separate router/ access point which provides WiFi to my pupils and my colleagues. These 4 computers get their ip-address from the router so they're on a different 'network'. I tried connecting them with their hostname but that isn't working.

    How can I get these four computers up and running? I have some administrator rights but cannot do everything so I'm working with limited resources.

    I work with windows 10 on all clients and windows 7 on the master PC. I use the authorization keys and so far 6 of 10 are running well.


  • Hello,
    Have you tried to connect to them using ip address? Can you ping them?

  • Hi,
    I've already connected the six other PCs via their IP-address. The problem is that the other four computers are connected to the network via another router/ access point. This puts them in another IP-address range (192.168.x.x) while all other computer are on the 10.18.x.x range. I've already tried to ping them but that doesn't work.

    I think a little setting inside the router is prohibiting this connection but I can't find out which one. If I could I would just use a switch instead of router/ access point but my IT-department can't give me this because the access point is essential for other teachers their classroom.