Problem adding computers/locations using veyon-cli

  • hi there,

    thank you for this good program. The test-installation of version 4.2.1. is working great with windows 10.

    But i have a problem adding new computers and locations. The veyon-cli tools list the entries of the configuration tool, but changes using "veyon-cli networkobjects add ..." wont be displayed at the configuration tool. There are just displayed using "veyon-cli networkobjects dump"

    I wonder, what's the problem.


  • Hi @muneutrino
    the computer objects probably have been created in the root folder i.e. Parent UUID is "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000". This happens if you do not specify a parent for a computer when creating it (parent=room - can be specified by either UUID or name). Please specify all arguments as shown by the example printed by veyon-cli networkobjects help add. If you do not want to set a MAC address simply specify "" as 3rd argument. Afterwards dump should show

    You can remove the orphaned objects via veyon-cli networkobjecty remove UUID.