• Hello,

    I'd like to use vayon in conjunction with aster in our school.
    Unfortunately I can't get any further with the instructions I found. The manual says that if multi session support is enabled, session IDs can be assigned.

    Where can I activate the multi session support?

    Is it correct when I set "VEYON_SESSION_ID" and a corresponding number (1, 2,...) in the user environment variables and that this is later entered on the server with the IP address+standard port+1 etc.?

    Best regards

  • Hello Thomas,

    unfortunately multi session support is not finished yet and mostly a draft only, especially on Windows. As a workaround you can try to disable the Veyon Service at all and launch Veyon Server instances manually inside the sessions. Within each session the environment variable has to be set to an distinct value so that the corresponding Veyon Server instance listens on different ports. If you like we can discuss further possibilities to make this work properly (+client/session auto detection in Veyon Master through a special plugin) by contacting us via e-mail: support@veyon.io

    Best regards


  • Hello, Tobias,

    I have already tried this workaround. Disables the service and then tries to run the veyon-server.exe manually. Unfortunately nothing happens here.

    At the teacher's workstation only the computers are actively displayed when the service is running, at the veyon-server.exe the clients are always completely offline.

    Does the EXE have to be started specially?


  • I tried this solution but could use some help. I did the following:

    1. Disabled the service by disabling it in task manager
    2. Set the VEYOND_SESSION_ID environment variable to 2
    3. Tried to manually start the server by typing veyon-server without any command line options.

    But after step 3 nothing happens. The command prompt is immediately returned and nothing in Task Manager's list of running processes or services says veyon-service. As a result I am unsure if the server actually started.

    Is there some command line options that we are supposed to enter to start the veyon-service?

    How can we confirm it is actually running.

  • Hi @hoomank
    there's a test build available at https://github.com/veyon/veyon/releases/download/v4.2.2/veyon- which has improved multi session support which should work out-of-the-box using the Veyon Service as normally. You only have to enable multi session support through Veyon Configurator. Looking forward to your feedback!