Global User Configuration (for Veyon Master)

  • Hi,

    with the migration to Windows 10 we'll also migrate our class rooms from Italc 3 to Veyon.

    So far it looks kinda fine, but we can't get a global user config for the master to work. Our goal is to have the same fixed configuration for all users loaded by the Master every time (selected computers, arrangement of the computers, ...).
    In Italc we could realize this by putting this config in a subfolder "config" in the program's folder and give everyone just the permission to read.

    Here's the problem with Veyon:
    By setting the user profile folder to $GLOBALAPPDATA\config (or the full path) the Veyon user profile is still created/saved in ...\AppData\Roaming... of the logged in user and is not read from the manually created config folder.

    Is that a bug, or simply not intended to be done this way?

    The used software is:

    • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016 (german)
    • Veyon 4.0.7 (x64)


  • Thank you for your feedback and analysis! The mentioned behaviour is indeed a bug dating back to the transition from iTALC to Veyon. The user configuration directory setting didn't have any effect at all until now. I just committed fixes for it so both 4.0.8 and 4.0.91 (4.1 beta) will behave properly and respect the setting so you can centralize the configuration. The only issue I see here is that Veyon Master checks at start whether the file is writable and shows a message box if not. Besides that it should load the settings properly. Please also note that in Veyon 4.0.x you can't set custom positions for computer thumbnails. This will change with Veyon 4.1.

  • Thanks for fixing that in a future release.

    The message box shouldn't be a problem (and could be a indicator that it works). Custom positions is not that important - to fix the zoom level will be enough.