Connect to RDP session in VDI

  • Hi there

    I want to setup a classroom environment where the students are using a RDP connection to our VDI to access their Windows VMs.
    So I've installed the Veyon Master on the teacher VM and the Veyon Service an all Student VMs.
    Unfortunately I can just see the Windows logon window. But from the Master I cannot get into the students user session to support them. So it looks like that it's not possible to use a shared connection.

    Any advice is much appreciated.
    Does Veyon support only access to native clients? Because it's working okay, if I install it on a native Windows notebook.

    Looking forward to your replies.

  • Hi Matthias,

    for remote desktop sessions, you'll multi session support in Veyon which currently is only implemented as a draft for Windows. See my previous post at for possible solutions.

    Best regards


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