problem with ldap load computer

  • Hello

    Sorry for my bad english.
    I've got a problem with version 4.2 of veyon. If i load my room class on a local file, all is great.
    But if i load my rooms class by the LDAP, my class rooms appear but it's not recognize. It say me " Computers power down"
    It works perfectly with the 4.1.8 version
    Master Log file say me "ComputerControlInterface: computer host address is empty!"
    Someone have an idea to resolv this ?

    Thanks you

  • Hi @ijahman

    congratulations for setting up Veyon successfully so far! Your log file entry indicates that the hostname could not be read from LDAP. Please check the "Computer host name attribute" ( It has to point to an attribute which contains a valid hostname which can be resolved to an IP address by the master computer.

  • Thanks you. It's works.
    My teachers are happy😁

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