• Hello. Sorry to start a new topic if this should gone in a previous post regarding dual screens on the master.

    So, with 4.2, the default monitor changed in my 3 monitor setup. Previously, when I hit Demo, it went to monitor 2, which was main display and the one that is sent to a projector also. Now, it is going to Monitor 3 while the projected image is still Monitor 2.

    Can this be changed?


  • Hi @DrewLoker
    can you try to enable/disable multi monitor support on the Master computer?

  • When I opened the Bultin NVC Server, the setting was on. I changed the setting to OFF...no change in which monitor was being sent in demo mode.

    Then, I turned the setting back on...and the Demo went to showing all three of my Master Monitors, quite small, to the user.

    So, I turned that setting back off...and now back to sending the wrong monitor.

    Anything else I can try? EDIT! I went back to the Display Settings, and played around with the "Make this my main display" again, and this time it switched where the demo is being sent!!! WHEW!!!

    Thanks for the reply!!