Only Show Powered On Not Working in Master

  • Just updated to 4.2.0 and the option to only show powered on computers no longer works. With this option turned off I can see all domain computers and connect/view computers, but with this option turned on each OU/room is empty or doesn't find any powered on computers.

    Thanks for any help 👍

  • Hi @Rhyshh1012
    thanks for testing Veyon 4.2.0 and reporting this bug! This feature is indeed broken in 4.2.0 due to a different bug which was fixed in 4.2.0. The "new bug" is already fixed in our code repository and will be fixed in Veyon 4.2.1 🙂

  • Hi @tobydox
    Still loving Veyon BTW!

    Thanks for letting us know. Can't wait for 4.2.1 now 👍