• I am using ubuntu 18.04 mother board is ASUS H301T2 R2.0,intel7260ac (wifi card), I am would like using veyon to control this PC, all the veyon function working well (such as reboot, power off...etc), but only the power on function is not working. Please help!

    root@stem-system-product-name:~# sudo iw phy0 wowlan enable magic-packet disconnect
    root@stem-system-product-name:~# iw phy0 wowlan show
    WoWLAN is enabled:

    • wake up on disconnect
    • wake up on magic packet

  • Hi @z2228391,

    does WOL work with other tools on Linux such as etherwake or wakeonlan?

  • Hi,
    I can bring a little feedback on the wake on lan,
    It is necessary to check in the bios of the computer the activation of the wake on lan. This setting is different depending on the motherboard. This setting is usually found in the power management menu and is often disabled by default for security reasons. This parameter is sometimes hidden under the name of power on by pci-e card.
    In the case where your network is segmented into VLANs and the master station is connected to a different VLAN of the students, check that your switch infrastructure propagates the magic packet between the two or more VLANs. A switch configuration will be necessary. In my case, i forward the port udp 9 to the student VLAN. In a first time adjusts and test your configuration in the same VLAN.
    Of course you also have to check the parameters of the network card under window or linux. Verify that your linux configuration is reboot persistent.