• My admin/IT recently got Veyon up and running for my classroom, and I have begun to monitor student computer use. Here are a few things I have found that limit its usefulness to me:

    1. I recently saw one entire class playing games when they were to be working on an assignment, so I locked all computers while I presented a lesson. Pretty soon one was using his computer again; it turns out he "just turned the computer off and then on again" and it was unlocked for him. [I saw this post today (from 7 Mar 2019), which looks like it should take care of this problem, and will ask my IT to do it: "...enable the option 'Enforce selected mode for client computers' which should automatically re-lock computers once logged on again."]

    2. After seeing on Veyon that students were switching back and forth between the online coding program they were to be using and game screens (of course, never while I was standing near them) and seeing another class switching between applications software and online games, I decided that I was going to start forcing their computers to run the appropriate software program or go to the designated website. I haven't done that though, because I can foresee that I will not be able to force the computers to stay on those screens (they can just open another internet tab, and, in some cases, I do need students to switch between a website and an application). Apparently you can lead a horse (student) to water (program), but you can't make him drink (stay). Is it possible to limit the choice of "drinks" (programs) that can be accessed or otherwise force the student to stay where you sent him?

    3. Because I wanted students to be able to see the finer details of a video that many would not be able to see well on my SmartBoard screen (i.e. ribbon/format options, etc.), I put a video on full-screen demo for all students, as well as up on my SmartBoard, with the audio coming from my speakers. Many of the students could not follow along because their screens did not match the sound, some being many seconds behind, and all being at different points in the video from the SmartBoard & audio. I do not currently have enough headphones for everyone to view and listen at their own computer's pace. Is there a way to synchronize all the computers, including my own?

    4. According to Veyon, in order to force all computers to load the same program (Word, Excel, etc.), I have to either have the programs predefined by the administrator, or I have to know and type the path to access the software (c:\program files\ ?????). At this point, I can't do it either way. But based on my experience in #2 above, I am going to predict that students will be able to change programs or go online from here as well.

    5. I would like to be able to see the name of the website/URL students are accessing when I put their computer on remote view.

    6. I have taken a number of screen shots, but I do not know how to access them. Are they time stamped? Can they be printed? Can they be identified as to the URL or software?

    7. I also read some posts mentioning paid add-ons and/or a new update coming out. How will users be notified of these?

    Thank you for the work you are doing with this product.