Veyon 4.1.0 thumbnail updates but black screen in remote view/control

  • In version 4.1.0 I got 1 master and 1 client. Same network but 2 Juniper switches between PCs, pings are fine inside the network. No LDAP. Authentication with key file, imported it successfully in client.

    As far as I understand I added client correctly in master configurator. When master opened I am able to see remote screen thumbnail in master and it correctly updates.

    But no matter what I try I can't see remote desktop. Remote view/control always opens new empty black window, I can see cursor and it is moving on client when I move the mouse in master. Cursor movement is kind of laggy and not smooth. Status on top says Connected. Remote desktop remains black.

    Demo, lock, logout user, text message, all work properly. The only issue is remote view and remote control: remote desktop is not showing (black screen) while cursor is working and moving on remote PC.

    I am using default settings mostly. Builtin VNC server option, access control default system user groups). Did not change ports.

    Any idea whats wrong? Is it a VNC plugin problem? Or screen resolution issue? Clearly there is communication between master and client, but why black screen in view or control mode?

  • This is all related to the same issue described in - we hope to have a fix in 4.1.1 🙂

  • If you like you can try the unofficial test build at - please upgrade both teacher and and student computers.