• First of all I congratulate all the contributors for the work done.
    We are trying to deploy Veyon in a roundabout way to support a heterogeneous Windows and Linux computer pool. Veyon is the open source tool that seems to best fit our specifications.
    The software works very well on our Kubuntu 18.04 and Windows 7 platforms. We are currently migrating from our Windows 7 to Windows 10 computers. The connection to Windows 10 clients is not possible with the same configuration as the Windows 7 computers. We tried the latest version available client side and computer master without more success.
    The problem is at the level of the access control because we use an authentification of type Logon authentication, ldap connection and with a rule which ask logged on user for permission. If we change this rule by checking Allow access, the connection works perfectly. Without this operational feature, Veyon no longer meets our specifications. Have you ever seen this problem with Windows 10. Is there a solution?
    Best regards

  • Hi,
    I was able to reproduce and fix this issue this morning. It will be fixed in the upcoming 4.1.8 and 4.1.92 releases.
    Best regards

  • Hi,
    thank you for this quick fix.
    I will download version 4.1.8 as soon as it becomes available.
    Best regards.

  • hi,
    after ten days of production with realease 4.1.8
    I confirm that the problem is well solved. I even see an improvement in the responsiveness of access control on all plateforms.
    Thank you so much.

  • Perfect! Thank you for your feedback!