• Hello,
    I Am running under Windows-7 and windows-10
    I made a small batch file to deploy Veyon-client on over 50 computers.
    I believe my batch is now ready for mass-deployment.
    I am facing a trouble about deployment of the public-key
    the line was something like

    "%ProgramFiles%\Veyon\veyon-ctl.exe" authkeys import LYCEE %source%\LYCEE_public_key.pem

    the controller complained about missing argument "private" or "public"

    The doc about this line is not enough clear (page 26 of Administrator Manual in paragraph 6.1 - no mention about "public" or "private" argument , and as a consequence no mention about its location).

    So I tried
    "%ProgramFiles%\Veyon\veyon-ctl.exe" authkeys import LYCEE public %source%\LYCEE_public_key.pem

    and now the (error) answer of the controller is something like writing of the input file failed please check your permissions

    This is a strange answer , as I am running under administrator privileges.

    best regards,

  • Hello @IT-0441992b
    you're right in that the manual is not clear enough here. I just added a note at http://docs.veyon.io/en/latest/admin/cli.html#authentication-key-management - in your case you'd need to run

    "%ProgramFiles%\Veyon\veyon-ctl.exe" authkeys import LYCEE/public %source%\LYCEE_public_key.pem

    (use veyon-cli for Veyon 4.2). I hope that helps!

    Best regards

  • @tobydox https://prnt.sc/1e1d6oj
    I have a problem I can't import the key so it appears