• Hi All,
    So I am trying to put this on my new windows 10 laptops.
    I don't understand what key authentication is.
    Sometimes the student laptops show up, sometimes they don't.
    I only used the MAC address as the IP is dynamic.
    I read through the instructions, but they are a bit Greek to me.


  • Hi,

    Not a pro with veyon, just a "basic" user, but here are some informations that maybe could help you :

    Key authentication is not needed for veyon to work (I managed many classrooms without using it).
    Although your laptops addresses are dynamic, they can be fixed. If you have access to dhcp configuration, you can declare your devices, and assign a fixed address to each one. In dhcpd conf file, it looks like :

    host pc1 {
                    hardware ethernet 68:5d:43:2a:f3:af;

    (MAC and IP addresses should be changed, according to your devices and network)

    Maybe it could allow you to declare IP addresses in Veyon and fix your issue with laptops appearing or not in veyon-master (I'm not sure of which parameter veyon uses to "recognize" PCs).

    You should maybe describe a little more your context to help someone to help you (what kind of network, which part of the infrastructure you have access to...)
    If you don't manage the network, you should see with an admin to help you.

    Hope it can help a little bit,