Option to restart the Veyon Service on Clients from the Master

  • Now and then the Master will show clients with red screens rather than their active screens. This often can be corrected by restarting the Veyon Service on those red-screen clients.

    It would be great if the Master has the option to start/restart the Veyon Service on clients.

    Thank you.

  • You can restart from the Master. However, I remove that button from the configuration app because one click and you have accidentally restarted a client. Maybe you turned it off and didn't realize it.

    I was hoping to see if you were asking for a confirmation prompt. I would like to put the restart button back, but need to have a prompt intercepting an accidental click.

  • @DrewLoker Hi, I am not referring to restarting a client but the VeyonService on it - e.g. using SC to start/restart the service. Thank you.

  • @Sanny you can try to press "F5" in Veyon Master which will close and re-open connections to all shown computers. Besides that you should only see red screens if something is wrong on a client so we'd better figure this out. Which version of Veyon are you using on master and client computers? Logon or keyfile authentication? Are you using access control rules?

  • @tobydox We are on 4.1.4 with Master & Clients. We use Logon Authentication. The red screens we see on the Master usually appears to be either the Veyon Service is not running or somehow is not responding to the Master. Restarting the service would bring things back to normal. We have tried delay auto-start for the Veyon Service which seems to reduce the frequency of this happening.

  • @Sanny thanks for the information! Can you try to upgrade both clients and master to 4.2 RC (4.1.92) to see if the problem still persists?

  • @tobydox We intended to go to 4.2 when it comes out. Anyway, will try your suggestion. However, it will not be in the next couple of weeks as we have upgrades to our systems and re-allocation of resources going on. Thank you.

  • @tobydox Hello, Do you know if the need for a confirmation on the Restart on the Master Toolbar can be addressed? Thanks!

  • @DrewLoker this is already possible - simply enable the "Show confirmation dialog for potentially unsafe actions" option in the master configuration page in Veyon Configurator - see https://docs.veyon.io/en/latest/admin/reference.html#behaviour for details.