Unable to connect to VNC server - Built-in VNC

  • I'm using 4.1.7 on both Windows 10 (master - WORKGROUP) and Windows 10 (client - Admin local logged in).
    I could not connect to client, the VeyonMaster.log said
    2019-02-20T13:17:29.134: [DEBUG] static void VncConnection::rfbClientLogDebug(const char*, ...) 0x364 Unable to connect to VNC server 2019-02-20T13:17:29.151: [DEBUG] static void VncConnection::rfbClientLogDebug(const char*, ...) 0x20c Unable to connect to VNC server 2019-02-20T13:17:29.152: [DEBUG] static void VncConnection::rfbClientLogDebug(const char*, ...) 0x118 Unable to connect to VNC server
    Both use the VNC Built In, I check port 11200 on client it said LISTENNING
    Please help me

    The master use, subnet mask, the client, subnet mask, no dg and dns specified.

  • In order to connect to a client TCP port 11100 (Veyon Server) has to be accessible. 11200 is just the port of the internal VNC server which is used by Veyon Server internally only. Are you using a dedicated firewall or internet security software?