• When showing my screen to clients, part of the screen is cut off. There is no obvious way to enable scale-to-fit. Please could you integrate this.

  • Does this happen in fullscreen or window demo mode?

  • @tobydox happens in full screen mode only

  • I have this same problem as well. You had replied to my other post that it was due to my multiple monitors, but it seems more like my main monitor will just not display to the clients in full screen and scaling my broadcast down to a size they each student can see regardless of what model or brand of monitor they have. Some help with this would be a big relief.

  • Hi to you all.
    Yes i confirm the same problem, i've updated from the 4.0.5 and with that version all worked fine.
    Now when i present i full screen, on the clients i've not a full screen view, but in a window and black around.
    It seems to depend from a different resolution among master and clients.
    Thank you

  • No reply here ?

  • I've done different tests.
    The problem is that on the student computer when the teacher present in Full window, the resolution is the same as the teacher monitor. I mean:
    if the resolution of the teacher monitor is lower than the resolution of the student one, the student see my screen more little (in a window with black strips on the right and on the bottom)
    if the resolution of the teacher monitor is greater than the resolution of the student one, the student see part of my screen and the remaing go outside it
    I've also proved to change settings in VNC server embedded on my (teacher) veyon configurator. Nothing has changed.
    Tryed also to install the beta 4.1.91 on a test client pc. Same problem.

    Any help from developers? Thank you

  • Thank you for your feedback and your tests! They'll help us to investigate this issue and hopefully find a solution for the next release.