Authentication error

  • I used to use iTALC successfully in my classroom, but last school year, I started getting an error when I tried to log in (Logon failed with given username and password. Please try again!). I figured it was something to do with Windows 10 and iTALC, and decided to wait until I installed Veyon this school year. Unfortunately, I am getting the same error. I have installed it on my new student laptops and all is well, but when I try to log in on my teacher machine, I get the error. Is there possibly a file iTALC left behind when I uninstalled it that could be causing an issue, or is there another suggestion for what I might try? Thank you!

  • I have made installation configuration tutor for veyon 4.1.0, I think several different configuration form iTALC and new VEYON. hope you find solution on

  • Thanks so much! I was on 4.0 and it was missing some parts for key file authentication. I appreciate your assistance!

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