Installing Veyon on a Chromium machine

  • I am needing to install Veyon, but onto a Chrome OS machine. I have already installed the beta Linux terminal but I am unsure of which Linux package to choose. I am also unsure how to get it set up past that point, any help would be gladly appreciated.

    EDIT: I have Veyon Master installed but I have no user name or password set up on it and I cant find the Veyon Configurator program.

  • For anyone who is needing to do this I figured it out:

    1. First enable google play
    2. Go to Google Play and install Crossover
    3. Have the windows 32bit installer ready
    4. Type random letters until it allows the install of an unlisted program
    5. Select Veyon and go to the installer
    6. The only setting you need to change is the directory to your documents folder.