• I have installed Veyon Master on teacher's terminal in my lab and Veyon service on student terminals. The problem I am facing is that I can get remote view or control of individual terminal but if I select more than 1 terminals from the defined room then it does not work. Any advice please.

  • @Zeenat I believe you can only remote view or remote control one computer at a time.

  • Oh! But how does it help then? Does it really work like that? We can not shut down, Restart, Lock/Unlock Screen or Control multiple computers by getting their screens viewed on the Master's screen. What I believe is that the manual states that it can be done.
    Hey admin pls respond. @tobydox

  • In our Windows environment, we can certainly remote view/control multiple computers. The entire room or selected computers can be logged off, restarted, power on, locked/unlock, etc.

  • @Sanny So, my configuration must be wrong. I can connect to a single terminal by entering its ID, but I am not able to access multiple terminals in the room for any available feature (view, control etc...). Any idea where should I search for the configuration problem??? Please, help. In one lab we have Win 10 and in the other lab Win 7 terminals.

  • Are you linking to Active Directory via LDAP or using the Authentication Keys?