2/10 pcs stopped connecting to master

  • Hello all,

    I have a 10 PC classroom and I have connected 8 of the pcs to the master. however 2 of them stubbornly refuse to connect to the master and remain with a red screen logo.

    I have the same config for all pcs and I don't get why 2 just wont connect.

    They were all working just fine 2 weeks ago, but I lost connection to them for no apparent reason.

    Any suggestions??

  • Maybe a firewall or system policy prevents applications from opening more than 8 TCP connections? Can you see the 2 affected clients if you uncheck/hide 2 other clients?

  • Well, Actually these two were working for months now.
    They only stopped working a couple of days ago out of the blue...

    Ok maybe not totally out of the blue. They both have the 1809 version of Windows installed on them.

    More specificaly they have version 1809 17763.292

    For the other machines, 7 of them run version 1803

    there is also a third one with version 1809 but core is 17763.253

    It's a small difference but on the latter machine veyon works while on the other two it doesn't.

    All PCs are identical in hardware and have the same software installed on them. So even the smallest difference could be to blame for any individual disruptions.

    What changed in Windows from version 1809 17763.253 to 1809 17763.292?

    Found it. It's that update KB4476976.

    That's the only difference on my two non working machines. I'm installing it now on the third machine to see if that also stops connecting.

  • On the ones that are not connecting have you verified that the Veyron service is running?