Disable screen monotoring when a user from a specific group is logged on.

  • Hello,

    I currently have Veyon running as test in our school network. This means that every computer has the client installed and only when a teacher logs on the master version is available (I deploy using SCCM). Using LDAP I populate my classroom (computers are stored in an OU for each classroom) and access to the Master version is controlled by group membership.

    What I want to achieve now is:

    1. Currently a Master can view each client computer. I want to make sure that when a user of the AD group teacher is logged on to a computer, his or her screen can never be seen by a Veyon Master.

    2. If possible I want to configure the Veyon Master so that when a teacher from the group "AD Admins" logs on he or she can see all computers from all classrooms. When a teacher from tthe group "Teachers" logs on, he or she can only see the computers from the current classroom.

    Question 1 currently has the the priority 🙂

    All help and directions are greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

  • Hello @herge
    you can achieve the desired behaviour by setting up access control rules and deploy the updated configuration to all clients. You'll have to define rules for explicitely granting access under certain conditions, i.e. "logged on user is member of group <students>".