Windows 10 master and windows 7 students error

  • Hello,

    I'm having trouble with Veyon.
    My master computer is under windows 10 in my office and my students under windows 7.

    In the room I have a master post in windows 7 which happens to see students but my post windows 10 does not work.

    ping work fine

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    which authentication mode are you using? Key file or logon authentication? Are you using the same Veyon version on all computers? Did you export the configuration on the master computer and imported it on all client computers?

  • Hello Tobias,

    I found where my problems were.
    I created 1 pair of keys for each computer room.
    On the supervisor (manager) I added all the private keys and only uses the one in the first position to log on to each of the posts.

    How can we tell her what private key to use?

    I do not know if I am very clear, sorry I am not English

    Thank you!