• I get the following error on cloning this project from the github. I have downloaded the required dependencies and have set the path variable correctly to the required libraries. All get well included except LZO and QCA. When I read FindLZO.cmake file and get to know of files lzo1x.h and lzo2. I search the same files on hard drive and could locate lzo1x.h file while as lzo2 is not available anywhere. I tried to search the internet for the same however to no avail. Could you please guide me how to resolve LZO and QCA issues. Below is the log:

    CMake Error at cmake/modules/FindLZO.cmake:24 (message):
    Could NOT find LZO
    Call Stack (most recent call first):
    CMakeLists.txt:128 (FIND_PACKAGE)


  • Hello,
    which platform are you building on?

  • @tobydox windows 10 64bit visual studio 2017 community edition