"Accessing Computer is located in the same room" not working

  • Hello,

    I'm new to Veyon, and setting up a new LDAP/AD integration, including rooms.
    Rooms are based on Group membership, and all of the integration tests perform like I would expect them, however if I turn on the access control rule "Accessing computer is located in the same room as local computer", access is denied from the Master ( I simply get a red screen). As soon as I turn off that rule, everything works as expected.

    -Both the master and local machines are in the same AD group, and show up in the same room in Veyon (when using "List member of a computer room)
    -Both show the same AD group when using "List all groups of a computer"
    -The "only show current room" option under Master works correctly.
    -In the Master application, it is showing the correct computers in the room, including the computer Master is running on.
    -The Access Control Rules test says the connection should be allowed

    But Veyon Master still just shows red screens.

    Can anyone offer any additional insight?